Phantom Mickey resembles a normal Mickey Mouse toon, except for the fact that he is completely greyscaled. He has burn-like texture on him, he's missing his right ear, and right leg. It has also been seen that while in the dark, his pupils glow white.


Phantom Mickey will start on the Roof, where he is seen staring down while his eyes stare at the player.

He will then move to the bathroom, where he is seen standing in the center of the room, where he is seen staring at the player once again.

He will then move to the Meat Freezer, where he is seen blocking the cameras view, staring at the player through the monitor.

He will then enter the Office, where he is seen standing at the left side of the desk, reaching his hand out to the player. The player must take medication to get rid of him, this causes him to fade away, and restart at the Roof at a later time. Failing to do this will result in a jumpscare.


Phantom Mickey's jumpscare sound.


Phantom Mickey on the roof.

Phantom Mickey in the bathroom.

Phantom Mickey in the meat freezer.

Phantom Mickey in the office.

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