Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Phobia Minnie is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


She appears as a Minnie Mouse suit, but her head is dark brown and has human teeth on her eyes, mouth, arms and in her shoes. Her colors are darker.


Phobia Minnie starts in The Roof, which she is not seen yet in camera. And then she will start climbing up the chimney and then goes down to the Storage Room, and then goes to the Staff Area looking at the player, and then goes to the Meat Freezer, The Lounge and the office. The player must shut off two cameras to survive, making her a dangerous antagonist.


  • She is similar to Impure Mouse because of her teeth, but she doesn't have them anywhere else, except for her mouth.
    • She is quite Similar to Nightmare Photo Negative Minnie, but Phobia Minnie has human teeth at her eyes and shoes, she also had a head unlike the Nightmare Version of Minnie.
  • The player can originally shut off three cameras to avoid her but that idea was scrapped and unused.
  • She is one of Hola1231's characters.
    • She was also found at Hola1231's Deviantart.
  • It's currently unknown on how to activate Phobia Night.