His real appearence is unknown so he pretty much is just a human inside a springlock mickey mouse suit.

Night 1

"Erm, hello? Hi? Anyone? Oh hey pal! I needed you here to fix the little clicks you know. I put this up so now they pretty much wander. Anyways hi! Welcome to the Abandoned Discovery Island! Some memories are known to pass away here but these things are haunted here and I need you to fix the clicks around here. Err..anyway we needed somebody to check the place to see if it was safe but our monitors could'nt catch anything so we fixed them and at day we need to catch real footage so erm..bye!

Night 6

"oH hEY bUDdY, ReMEMbEr mE? WeLl iM heRe yOU knOw so I wiLl comE fiNd yOU. (distorted voice) noW, DIe.


On Night 6 he starts on 2 AM Where all suits are active. He will start appearing in all the cameras so type in a code to set him away. If he progesses to your office he will kill you.


Here are the codes that are labeled on the clickable yellow note on your desk in Night 6:

  • MickeyMouse391 (Storage Room)
  • DeathThatHurts (Meat Freezer)
  • 4931 (Staff Area)
  • ItsNotOverYet (Character Prep 1)
  • 72HE92DIED3I (Character Prep 2)
  • CHOK3D (Bathroom)
  • H3Died (Lounge)
  • 393928282 (2nd position in Lounge)

These notes are removed when Phone Mouse is in your office.


  • The code "CH3KD" is a reference to Choked Mouse.
  • The code "H3Died" is a reference to The Friend.
  • He is revealed to be inside a mickey mouse hence his name and the jumpscare.
  • He could refer to Golden Call from Dormabitis.
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