Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Photo-Negative Suicide Oswald is a fan made suit., Just like Photo-Negative Suicide Mouse, He is based off of Suicide. His arms are also missing.


Photo-Negative Suicide Oswald appears to look like Grey, Black, White (Obvious) And Greyscale and Photo-N

egative colors. He lost his arms because it got cut off. He cant reatatch them, and now he is an armless .


He becomes active on Night 2, by pressing SHIFT, he will replace oswald, and Photo-Negative Oswald, (If he appears.) He starts in storage room, Stands up, goes to staff area, and on meat freezer, he runs to the office. Shut of a camera quickly to avoid his jumpscare. Hididng WILL WORK, but sometimes it won't. He Sprints in the office and jumps to the player, AKA jake. He can be avoided by clicking himself, also. He will run the other way, back to his starting point.

He also can appoear in the office. And glitches it like corruptus.. Do what you normally do with all suits

If none of these actions are taken, then Photo-Negative Oswald will jumpscare the player. When he does attack the player, he comes up and makes a loud, shrill scream as he opens his mouth to the player, causing a game over. He lounges his mouth to the player sometimes when they hide too.


He is Based off of Photo-Negative Oswald, but is more Suicide-ish then him.

He is smarter than his counterpart

He can run the fastest in the game.

On Night 6, Every 15 seconds, He will run to the freezer.

When ie hops onto the desk, The pencil will dissapear.

The Treasure Island sing will change to ABANDONED- DISCOVERY ISLAND. when he is in the office