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Photo-Negative Willy is another main antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island : Found , the other suit being Willy. Photo-Negative Willy is almost a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in the early cartoons as linked and compared to 'Steamboat Willy'. Alongside Suicide Mouse And Willy. He is Suicide Mouse's another friend of his. He is a classic and a photo-negative/inverted version of Suicide Mouse. And he is a fan-made and an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. , he is an attractive , classic and an alternative version of Photo-Negative Mickey.


Photo-Negative Willy almost bears a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in his early cartoons, as all of his colors are inverted and his features almost match the original cartoon Mickey Mouse, and looks rather less shiny. Photo-Negative Willy is like a black and white incarnation of Mickey Mouse and looks similar to the Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie. He also appears similar to Photo-Negative Suicide Mouse, however, his pants are black with the same black , colored buttons, and he has a short, yet bulky frame with a larger stomach. In his jump-scare, he can extend his normally grinning mouth wide open as his means of attacking the player. Whether or not all suits can do so is unknown. He also has shorter, circular eyes, which can apparently have phantom-like glowing human eyeballs underneath.

His gloves are black , and his black shorts/pants have small , circular buttons colored black. He appears to have the same shoes as Willy's shoes , except that it's colored black and he appears to have a "Steamboat Willie" hat that's colored black with a green stripe.


Photo-Negative Willy Will Activate On Night 4 Alongside With Willy. Photo-Negative Willy Will Start Inside Character Prep 1 along with Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied , then he will eventually appear inside the Staff Area before appearing inside the Meat Freezer , then he will proceed to go inside the Bathroom or go inside the Lounge , then he will then finally arrive to the two sides of the Office. He can sometimes go inside the Storage Room alongside Oswald laying down behind some of the wooden boxes. If he's spotted inside the Office Room , the only way to fend him off is to shut off one of the cameras inside the monitor to make him go away , hiding under the desk will just have 50/50 chance of survival , however , if the player hides under the desk for too long when he's in the Office or if the player fails or neglects to shut off any camera in time or if the player does nothing all at , Photo-Negative Willy Will Attack The Player , his jump-scare is almost similar to Willy's.

Photo-Negative Willy will be able first appear in the Lounge , if the player uses the cameras too much. He will then appear in the office where the player must shut off a camera, the player must hide under the desk which has a 50/50 chance of working or shut off the power to avoid being jump-scared by him , or else Photo-Negative Willy will attack the player.


Just Like And Alongside Willy , Photo-Negative Willy starts in the Lounge on Night 4 and if the player uses the cameras too much , he will move to the Office. He can move multiple room along his path , he will appear on all of the rooms along his path and then he will eventually appear in the Office.

Proper Locations

Alongside Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied and Willy. Photo-Negative Willy will start in Character Prep 1 , then his next locations he will go to are :


  • Photo-Negative Willy was originally created by Purity when they were making the game and was meant to replace Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • Photo-Negative Willy looks like the originates from the classic Disney animation Steamboat Willie.
  • His model looks similar to Photo-Negative Mickey's model in Photo-Negative Epic Mickey, but just in black and white.
  • Photo-Negative Willy's Scrapped Shade Form Can Be seen At Remastered 3.0 when player sits menu for too long. This Scrapped Shade Form Can Be seen 2.0 And Remastered 1.0.
  • When He's Appears At The Office In Remastered 3.0 He's Like Standing on Something Making Him Tall
  • Mr Landwii Posted Unused Images Of Willy's Standing Location However The Images That He Posted Are From Remastered 3.0 Demo
  • In Remastered 3.0 Willy's Starting Location Is Character Prep 1 , Then He Sometimes Goes To The Storage Room Or The Bathroom , Then He Moves To The Staff Area , then he'll go to the Meat Freezer , then he will eventually go to The Lounge , And then Finally arrives to The Office.

Remastered 1.0

Remastered 2.0


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