Mario is ready to fight candy cat


Photo Negative Mario is one of the fan made antagonists in Abandoned Discovery Island.


He looks similar to Super Mario from the game "Super Mario Bros", except that he has his photo negative colors, just like a bunch of the other photo negative suits out there.


Photo Negative Mario's behavior is similar to most characters. He starts in Character Prep 1, laying down with Photo Negative Mickey, along with Disembodied (Donald's Head). And then he enters the Staff Area, after that, the rest of his behavior is him going to the Meat Freezer, Lounge and then the office. You must hide to avoid his jumpscare.


  • Photo Negative Mario's creator was User:Mariokaboy, also known as Luigikaboy.
  • He is found on Luigikaboy's, also known as Mariokaboy's Deviantart.
  • He would have a different color if he was a character named "Photo Negative Star Mario".
  • His only quote is "Where am I?" But the rest are unknown


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