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Photo Negative Mickey/Minnie is a fan-made prop in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Looks like Mickey and Minnie are in quite the pickle, but they can't be saved. They each have a glowing orange eye, indicating that their souls are still trapped.

Appearance (NEW)

Photo-Negative Mickey is missing his arms, and his legs. A large chunk has been taken out of his left ear, and a spike protrudes through his lower half and through his head. Another cylinder is through the spike, and comes out of the arm-holes. Photo-Negative Minnie's body is entirely missing, and is just a head-lamp that would normally be mounted onto a wall. She's missing her upper set of teeth.


  • How many of Mickey's friends are like this? No one knows
  • Also, 1000 pages woo!
  • EDIT 7/24/21: A new Blender promo for the two has been made. Also, his appearance from 2019 is currently lost.