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Photo_Negative_Mickey is a fan-made easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Photo_Negative_Mickey is the modeler for the game, and is also an easter egg hidden inside via his avatar. Photo_Negative_Mickey appears in the Staff Area via spam clicking the camera.


Photo_Negative_Mickey is almost like an inverted colored Suicide Mouse, he has black shorts, buttons, face, shoes, and gloves. He has white fur, body, and eyes. Unlike Suicide Mouse, he has a gloomy expression, with a frown.


If the Staff Are camera is clicked repeatedly over and over, the door with the "Mascots Only" sign, the one that also leads to Character Prep 1, will open slightly, Photo_Negative_Mickey peaking out of it. But within a short second, Photo_Negative_Mickey will slip behind the door, closing it once more.


  •  Photo_Negative_Mickey represents the character modeler for the game.
  •  If the same method is used in Remastered 3.0 of Five Nights at Treasure Island, Nightmare Suicide Mouse will be revealed instead of Photo_Negative_Mickey.
  •  This is the only animated camera scene, beside NOswald running through the Meat Freezer.