Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Wanna see my head come off?..."

-Photo Negative Mickey


Photo negative Mickey is an inverted Color version of Mickey mouse, and a character who appears in Night 8. He's the same character from previous nights, but with slightly changed style. He's the Main Antagonist in Night 8, like he does in the Whole Game.


In overall, basically he didn't changed so much, the differences are that his head is Distorted, with giant eyeholes and a much wider mouth. His ears have a slightly different form also. His main Difference is that he has a Eyeless Human​ skull inside him. He also seems to be slightly darker and he's covered in Dust. And the Mickey base seems different. His ears and face are slightly damaged.Nothing​ much different.


Pnm is hostile. He can go throughout most of the Locations in Night 8. He starts in the character prep 1, then he goes to the Staff area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, Bathroom and Janitor's Closet. He rarely appears in Character Prep 2 also. Then he goes to the office, but since he goes through the Meat Freezer and the Lounge, he Can appear in the both Office entrances. You have to Shut off a camera, otherwise we will kill you. Shutting off the power or hiding doesn't work on him at all. He hasn't got a Shade. He starts at 1AM, almost 12AM.


He starts in the Character Prep 1, then he goes to the Staff area, or the Lounge, or the Meat Freezer and the Bathroom. He rarely goes to the Janitor's Closet and Character Prep 2.


  • In Night 8, he's probably the Character that most resembles to his normal Counterpart.
  • The Skull inside his head is a reference to the Abandoned By Disney Creepypasta.
  • Like the Face, he was originally have his nornal design in night 8, but Paperz thought that he wouldn't fit in that way.
  • He's the most dangerous suit in Night 8.
  • Originally, his replacement in Night 8 was going to be MickMick, but Paperz scrapped that because the game fnati is based on Abandoned By Disney, so Mickmick wasn't so fitting for being the main Antagonist.


Photo negative Mickey's teaser for Night 8.

Photo Negative Mickey's​ full body in Night 8