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Photo Negative The Inkblot is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is the Inkblot but the colors are negatived.


It will start in the broadcasting room in the first position instead it will go to the second position of the broadcasting room then it will go to character prep1, then to the staff area, and then it will go to TheLounge, it will be there until 4 AM and then it will go to the office, when appears in the office the player must turn off a camera, but if it is in front of you the player must hide under the table.





  • Originally, Photo Negative The Inkblot was going to be called, The Inkblot V2 "Without the negative colors" but this idea was discarded because it was very similar to the original The Inkblot.
  • After discarding the name The Inkblot V2 the name was changed to "Photo Negative The Inkblot" with blood coming out from his head, but this was also discarded as being very stupid.
  • A Photo Negative The Inkblot jumpscare has been created with a SHADE model but the creator lost the jumpscare and in a desperate attempt created the jumpscare we all know.
  • In the remastered one, Photo Negative The Inkblot in left office, has the same pose has his promo.