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Caverns Entrance Impure Mouse.png

Pirate Caverns Entrance is one of the rooms in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found . MickMick is the only suit that can be seen here. Pirate Caverns Entrace was known as one of the rooms which was Unfinished, which when the original creator cancelled the game, the room was left un-finished, so it was unknown what it was meant to look like. Pirate Caverns Entrace has a wooden textured walls and ceiling, with a white and orange checkered floor, and a ragged rug to the side of the wall.

At the far end of the room, it has 3 lights hanging on the ceiling. At the end of the room to the right it shows a way out the area. Which leads to Pirate Caverns.


  • Suits seems to react to cam shutting off noise in this room, despite the fact that the room is behind the wall.
    • It's however close to Meat Freezer west wall, making noise detactable for suits. Suits have also strong hear sense, which can also explain this.
  • FateForWindows said that watching this room will also stop The Face in the full version, however it was never added, presumably due to RAM limit.