Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Pirate Photo-Negative Mickey is an Antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He acts similar to Oswald, except more aggressively and in a more rushed way. He starts in "Roof" and proceeds to the Staff Area where he can be seen from the door, he will then go straight to The Office similar to The Face, when he is on The Office, he can be seen in the dark with his glowing eye, the player must quickly hide. IF the player neglects to do this, he will kill them.


He looks similar to a Photo Negative Mickey suit, but he is a pirate which he has a pirate patch, peg leg and hook. Also his right ear is broken and has right eye is black, having red pupils, he has a red war paint on his skin.


He will start on his Roof and proceed to go to the Staff area, then The Office. His room seems to be connected to the Roof to let Pirate Photo-Negative Mickey head to the office that fast. Very weirdly, he can be seen on The Meat Freezer and Pirate Caverns Entrance.


  • He somehow reaches the Staff area that fast. Presumably, because his Room is connected with the roof.
  • He is believed to kill the guard by flying into his face killing the gaurd. Probably.


His old death sound.

His new death sound.