Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
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He was found in the office before Jake entered the job. None of the Treasure Island staff will ever know who he is... Ever...


He is a broken down Photo-Negative Mickey suit. His right ear is ripped and a little piece of his head is gone. His arms are ripped. His legs are cut to half.


Rarely during Nights 1-7, you will suffer hallucinations of him. There is a common chance that you will start suffering his hallucinations right in Night 7. If you have the camera up, the hallucination stops until you have the camera down again and then continues. If you hallucinate from him for too long, he will jumpscare the player leading to an special night called "Night Plague" in which he will act like a normal suit.

While moving, he talks:

"I can hear you dying... But all in my head..."

"I'll distract you with my plague!!!!!"

"I'll cut your neck..."

"I'm convincing you to die of plague toxication..."


1. In Night Plague, fending him off is an ultimate annoyance.

2. His 3rd line "I'll cut your neck..." triggers a hallucination.

3. He will play the Switch Trailer Music - Plague track during Night Plague.

4. If he enters the office, the power will immediately go down 5% and you will have to restore the power by pressing Alt + 2 + 4 + 8