Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Pluto's Body is a fan made antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


He looks similar to his original counterpart Pluto, but his head is missing and he is standing up


His behavior is different than Pluto. He doesn't randomly teleport to the office since his body can walk because he is standing up. He starts in Character Prep 1, laying down. Then he goes to the Staff Area, and then he goes to the Meat Freezer. And then he goes to Lounge and then The Office. You must pull up the tablet to survive.


  • He can rarely be active in Night 1.
  • There is also a occasion that he can put on Pluto's head.
  • He is made by Hola1231. Espically his model.
  • He is found on Hola1231's Deviantart.
  • Similar to Ink Blot Clarabelle, he leaves by pulling up the tablet probably because he doesn't exist.