Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

a note

(note before we start po is an easter egg


po looks like she dose from the second game exept she now has blood staines on the blades in her back with the addition off one eye and no main arms unlike in slendytubbies 2 were she has arms she also has a big cut on her chest


from night three and onwards sometimes wene tinkey winkey activates he can be seen crawling back into the tv as will be seen comeing out from behind the tvs she2 will thene go to staff area bathroom and the lounge before going into the office if she dose you must hide for 10 seconds or she will kill you she also appears if the powers out if she dose you must hide under the table


.she can sometimes appear with a skull stabbed onto her blade

.she can only be seen on night 2 aloung with the other tubbys if slendytubbies 3

.she will sometimes be seen on the roof

.she will make a cameo in nightmare before disney

.she is the only tubby who never talks if you dont count the yeti and legless tubby

.she will sometimes try to trick you by running through the camera but crashing the camera system so it looks like shes still there so she can snek attack you

.she likes to anoy face by jumping over him wene he trys to kill jake

.she gives away were she is from her clicking sound