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"Jokes Ahead"
This following page is a joke page, and is not meant to be taken seriously, in any way, shape or form. This page's content may also wildly vary and NOT pertain to the subject of A:DI or FNaTI. Thank you for reading this warning.

"Police Photo Negative Mickey(or Police PNM) is a joke antagonist that appear on A:DI"


He seems take Appearance of PNM except he wear Blue Armor Vest that say "Police" he also holding an Nightstick and Riot Shield. He wears a Black Glasses, Police Hat and Black Shoe.


After shutting off 1 camera theres a chance that he appear on your Office. Don't shut off single Camera when he's there or he will arrest you(Game Over)


  • This is the GODDAMN police STOP!!
  • Don't shut off the fricking camera or i will send you to the jail.
  • I will take you in custody if you shut off the camera.
  • Hey stop or i will beat you up in the Station later.


  • Office


  • He seems pretty aggresive accoding to his Quotes.
  • His last quote may referencing to a Police Brutality
  • Despite being a Joke Character he is included on "Custom Night" and have a promo on "Extra" Purple also have the same Reasons
  • On V 8.5 he would able to arrest you too if you Shutting off your power or Hiding on your Desk. This was nerfed on V 9.0 now he only able arrest you if you Shut Off your Camera.