Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Pooper is a fan-made "boss" in abandoned discovery island


Pooper is a mickey-shaped character made out of shit


There's a really small chance of instead of Corruptus attacking you in night 6,Pooper will attack you,since he's a mix between The Farter,Whitered Farter and diarreah,he'll take all of their mechanics,if you see pooper inside the lounge,that means he will act like the farter and W.Farter,if he's in the Meat freezer,he will act like diarreah,if you use the wrong defense or take too much time to defend yourself,he will kill you and crash your game


  • Pooper design is a mix between the farter and diarreah,the shape he has is The farter and the shit he is made of is from diarreah
  • He was going to appear in the roof but this ideia got scrapped since farter W.Farter and diarreah dosen't show up there
  • unlike Pooper from five nights with the farter,He dosen't appear on the custom night
  • Disturbing laugh will play while he's active,just like the Pooper from fnwtf