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The possessed trophies are a fan made antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island, and the only trophies that can kill you. they are 7 in total.


They don't have any differences than the original suits, except they have some different types of minerals, Mabel as Ruby, Mickey as Gold, Billy as Silver, Huey as Bronze, Stitch as Diamond, Dipper as Emerald, Captain Pete as Fluorite.


1) Stitch and Captain Pete: They start in the lounge obviously, but you can't see them. If they have already been activated, they can be seen heading to the office. However, they are sure they are longer than the others to take longer to activate them to go and do not speak, so you have to be aware of whether or not they enter. When they enter, you must hide under the desk to keep them away, otherwise you will get jumpscared by either of them.

2) Mabel, Billy and Huey: They will start in chamber 10, that is, the ceiling, sometimes 2 will enter the office and most of the time only 1, so it is sometimes difficult to get rid of one since the 3 have a certain amount of seconds more that the other and two of them you have to turn off the cameras the other one does not do with mabel and huey hide to billy turn off the cameras so as not to die otherwise you will die.

3) Mickey and Dipper: They will start on cam 11, which is the entrance room. However, as with stitch, you will not be able to see it until they have been activated, and then they will go to the Meat Freezer and then to the office. They are easy to move away since you both have to turn off the cameras, obviously you have to do it very fast otherwise one of them will kill you.


stitch and captain Pete Lounge ➝ The Office. Mabel, billy and Huey The roof ➝ The Office. Mickey and dipper entrence room ➝ meat freezer ➝ The Office.


  • There is a 50 to 50% chance that they all appear to you at the same time, so you have to react very quickly.
  • When you turn off the power you have to light them since it doesn't work to hide under the desk.
  • The mabel trophy when entering the office begins to make noise like disembodied or daisy, making others go faster to where you are.


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