Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Prince Eric is a Fan Made antagonist in A:DI"


He has his Kingdom Heart II appearance except that his body is half inverted.


He start on Character Prep 1 and make his path to your office, if you see him on your office, shoot him with the Flare Gun that appear on your desk. Press the Flare Gun to Grab the Gun then shoot it to him by clicking him while holding the gun. The gun has 8 seconds to refill the bullet. Press the desk to place the gun back to your Desk.


  • "The Problem about this island is you"
  • "Winds passing through my body while Hatred passing through your brain"
  • "Do you think you can just leave us rot without forgiving the whole souls in this island?
  • "Killing is the only our action"
  • "Stress....Pain....Suffering....Death it's everywhere"
  • "You should remove all of your sin for Good"


  • Character Prep 1.
  • Staff Area.
  • Meat Freezer.
  • Office.


  • He is actually blind like Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • On the files there is a Platinum colored thropy of him, this was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Developer said that his design was originally to have missing his eye, nothing else. This was obviously changed.
  • On Upcoming V 1.0.1 he has Skin called "Scorching Prince"