Princess Minnie is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island. And she is one of the Main Antagonists In Disney : Magic Kingdoms , the other mouse suit being Prince Mickey.


She appears as a normal Minnie Mouse as an antagonist in Disney : Kingdoms but she has a red princess dress that's colored orange with white circles around , and the upper of her princess dress is colored red , and she has and has an orange bow-tie on her head. She appears to have a wild smile on her pale peach face , and she has natural eyes compared to the Disney : Kingdoms's Mickey's Eyes.


She will activate on Night 4 , she will first start in Character Prep 1 , then she will next go to the Staff Area , then she will have a random chance of going inside the Storage Room , then she will head through the Meat Freezer , then she will have 50/50 chance of going to the Lounge , then she will enter the two sides of the Office , the player must shut off one of the cameras in the monitor to avoid form getting attacked by her , If the player doesn't shut off any camera in the monitor in time , Princess Minnie Will Attack The Player.


  • Princess Minnie Is Originally An Antagonist In Disney : Magic Kingdoms.
  • Princess Minnie Is Similar To Prince Mickey.
  • Princess Minnie Is A Strong Resemblance To The Disney : Magic Kingdoms game.
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