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Marisa James Was A Sweet Little 9 Year Old Girl, She Even Loves Watching Mickey Mouse, Until One Day, She Went To The Abandoned Place Called Treasure Island, Without Any Fear She Went In, Until She Saw What Changed Her Life, Forever... There Was A Weird Minnie Mouse Costume, Her Bow Is Gray, Her Shoes Are Pink, And Her Dress Is Blue, Then A Killer Named, Kevin Micher, Stabbed Her In The Heart And Stuffed Her In The Minnie Mouse Suit.


Project I.M.P.U.R.E Is Like Minnie Mouse But Her Dress Is Blue, Her Bow Is Gray, Her Shoes Are Pink, And She Has Human Eyes



"Can Someone Save Me From This Hell I've Been Through...?"

"Help Me..."

"I Can't Remember Anything..."

"Where Am I...?"

"What Is This Place...?"

(She Also Says "Are You My Creator...?" When She Reaches The Office.)

"There's No Way Out Here..."

"No! Please... I just wanna escape..."

"Oh No...!"

"Please... Help!"


"(sigh) I need someone to help me escape this place... and I think I know who!"

"(When she's in the office) Hey! Thank goodness I found you!"

"I'm not gonna kill you."

"I'm just here to help..."

"Do you know a way how to escape this place?"

"You do!? Then can I follow you?"

"Okay! Wait for me!"


Project I.M.P.U.R.E Is Actually Marisa James's Spirit Calling For Help.

She Won't Jumpscare You, She Is Friendly.

Project I.M.P.U.R.E's Voice Is A 9 Year Old Girl Named Marisa James But Her Voice Is Distorted And Echoed.

She Has A Crush On Bakemono (JUST PURE CANCER)

Bakemono's Page:



(Anyone Wanna Voice Act For Project I.M.P.U.R.E?)