Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Proto Mickey is a prototype suit and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island. Unlike the other suits, he is haunted by a spirit of employee 1.


He appears to be a slightly darker version of a normal Mickey costume, but he appears to have possessed black human like eyes with red pupal's and human teeth.


He will start at night 5 and starts at the Staff Area, he will then later go to the meat freezer and will eventually go to the office. The player must hide or shut off the power to make him go away or else he will kill you. He appears to have a toxic breath which will temporary disable a camera. When moving, he will say things like " Release me from this torment", " I see you", " I won't let you get away", " I will make you suffer" and " You will pay for what you did".


Proto Mickey starts at the staff area and will move to the meat freezer and then the office.


  • Proto Mickey is the first suit produced before being scrapped.
  • Proto Mickey used to be at character prep 2 before Employee 1 took over and moved him to the staff area.
  • Employee 1 haunting Proto Mickey explains why he has black human like eyes and human like teeth.
  • Proto Mickey is one of the Photoshopped Smile Mouse's