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Pure Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Pure Mickey is a figure created from the player's fear. He only appears on Night 6.

Rarely, before the night begins, the game asks what the player's fear is, a textbox open. Once typed in, the game will say "Then it is decided."


Pure Mickey's body is a bright tan with a lighter red pants. He also has phantom-esque eyes when active.


He becomes active on Night 6, either replacing True Mickey or alongside him. He takes a similar path, but starts in the Janitor's Closet. He eventually travels through the Bathroom, then to the Meat Freezer, which he can take 2 paths: he can go to the Lounge or straight to the Office. If in the office, the player must shut off the Roof camera or hide under the desk. Cutting the power will not work on him. Failing to fend him off properly will result in a jumpscare.

After completing Night 6, if he was active, the screen will go dark, and an Earthbound-esque battle will start. Here, you get 2 characters to control: Photo-Negative Mickey (shortened to PNM) and Jake.

Throughout the rest of the battle, it will not speak.


  • If inverted, he actually reveals True Mickey. Despite this, the two are not connected.
  • It is possible that Pure Mickey might be a demon.
  • Unlike most of the suits/toons, he does not speak or make any sound when active, so the player must rely on the cameras and keep an eye on the office if Pure Mickey arrives.
  • Photo-Negative Mickey's maximum HP is a reference to the maximum damage that is inflicted in the indie game Cave Story.
    • Adding into such, Pure Mickey's attack damage range has 127 as the lowest damage inflicted.
  • It's unknown why Jake and PNMickey can use PSI abilities.



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