Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

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Modern Dark Oswald (Most likely known as Oswald's Long lost brother that fell on a hole explaining why he is always mad***) is an Antagonist on Abandoned Discovery Island and used to be called "Modern" Untill someone named Mateo gave him a more obvious name. Purple Oswald is still half property of Web125546, i do not take credits of him except for the name (The Purple Oswald one*)!


He appears to be Dark Oswald, however, his textures aren't messed up, and he seems to be purple, his pants look melted in a specific way. He also has always an angry look and is most likely found following Dark Oswald everywhere he goes.

BETA Behaviour

Modern D. Oswald will head to the office rushing quickly, once he reaches the office, he will make a loud radio sound like Mangle. He will attract other suits and the only way to defend from him, is turning off the power and hiding under the desk. The suits he currently calls are:

  • Photo Negative Mickey
  • Photo Negative Minnie
  • Disembodied
  • Daisy Duck
  • Dark Oswald
  • Oswald (Player is most likely going to die if Oswald is heading to the office)

He can also kill the player if the player defends from the other suits but forgetts to turn off the power.


  • Everyone come to the office! Everything is under control!
  • Let's go to the office!
  • Oh come on! I think that was just the office!
  • You are missing the office dummy *giggles*

Most of his quotes are that from the Bonnie Puppet from Sister Location, slightly altered his way, he seems to encourage others to go to the office.

Current ver. BETA Behaviour


+ Changed behaviour

+ Changed backstory


Broadcasting Room, Meat Freezer, Office.

Theres more to be decided yet.


  • Did you know... Purple Oswald name came from a joke Mateo made?
  • A new promo is being made by Mateo and soon to be uploaded here. Dillon wiggins made the promo that is currently being used!!! A-MEI-ZING.
  • It's believed Purple Oswald will follow a direct path to the office. Each night getting faster to reach it (To the maximum of reaching the office in a matter of 12 AM at night 4)
  • Mateo plans a huge backstory for this guy.