Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Well there's this purple version of Hourglass, one of my mistakes I accidentally created, so if you see him in your office it is simple, just shut off the cameras on him and he'll go away." - The Lost telling the player about Purpleglass on Night 12.


Purpleglass is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Purpleglass is one of the creations by The Lost, as he was supposed to make a clone of Glass to protect him. Now he faces with this "purple mistake" for the rest of his life. Purpleglass then was forced to move to an abandoned drawing board where he has to spent the rest of his life having to start there and go there.



Purpleglass starts on the roof, he will then move silently to the lounge, and then after that. He will finally be at the office, the player has 30 seconds to get rid of Purpleglass by shutting off the camera, failing to do so will result in a jumpscare from Purpleglass.


Purpleglass has 3 phases in his starting location. His first phase is a purple Mickey drawing appearing at The Drawing Board's desk, then his head appears out of the drawing, and last he goes on the ceiling and says "I'm coming for you. And you won't like it when I find you." Then he goes to the Storage Room, then he walks on his four purple legs to the Staff Area, Then the Meat Freezer, and finally goes to the office. In order to get rid of him, the player must shut off the cameras just like what The Lost has told him, otherwise the player will be jumpscared, killing him. His jumpscare is the same as Hourglass' jumpscare but with a deeper screech.


  • Purpleglass was based off Purple Guy, so NowDoYourHomieShake tried to make him the exact same purple as Purple Guy from FNAF.
    • Eventually, it looked almost identical as the Purple Guy. But it looked fine for NowDoYourHomieShake, so he kept it.
  • It could be possible that he might be based off Glass and Hourglass.
  • It is unknown how he was created instead of a clone of Glass.
  • According to The Lost, he was named "Project: Violet."
    • He changed his name to Purpleglass because it sounded better.
  • His voice would sound deep, deeper than the voice Glass has.
  • His mechanic was changed just to make Purpleglass easier for the player to handle.
  • Purpleglass's old jumpscare is in a different shade of purple.
    • That's because his old jumpscare was supposed to be created before the page was created, but was canceled due to laziness.

Purpleglass's old jumpscare. (Notice that his jumpscare is in a different shade of purple)

Purpleglass's current jumpscare.