REALLY HAPPY WILLY looks similar to his original counterpart, but he has human eyes which is bleeding and his gloves are red in blood


  • "Why aren't you HAPPY...?"
  • "What is sadness...?"
  • "Hi there..."
  • "Nothing is more fun than happiness and killing..."
  • "STAY... HAPPY..."
  • *Screaming in Suicide Mouse's voice*


  • His jumpscare screech will sound like Photo-Negative Mickey's jumpscare, but in a demonic way and slowed down.
  • REALLY HAPPY WILLY's voice is similar to Willy's voice, but his voice is loud and demonic
  • After getting jumpscared by REALLY HAPPY WILLY, the game will somehow crash
  • It's unknown on how to active HAPPY NIGHT or making him appear in the title screen

Sound Files

(Anyone wants to voice act REALLY HAPPY WILLY?)


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