Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


RainbowGlass is a antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


A few years back, a teenager wandered in Discovery Island. The suits didn't know who he was so they pretended to be friends with him, then when he was still finding out about Discovery Island, he encountered this "green walking thing." The green walking thing was Hourglass, when he came close to it, Hourglass backed away for he didn't like to be seen at these times... But when he touched Hourglass, Hourglass killed the teenager then he retreated to the roof where nobody could see him... But when God encountered the teenager's corpse, God quickly revived him but failed to restore his form. Turning the teenager into a four-legged colorful humanoid known as "RainbowGlass."


RainbowGlass is a humanoid with a head that looks like a suit that changes colors, the colors are red, green, cyan, yellow, purple and pink. He is a four-legged walking humanoid like Hourglass, Glass, Purpleglass and Shadow Hourglass.


Unlike other suits, RainbowGlass has a different mechanic. On Insanity Mode, the player has a insanity bar. The player must keep the Insanity Bar low or else, RainbowGlass shows up, once RainbowGlass shows up, there is no way of stopping him except for looking at him. If the player looks at RainbowGlass when he's at the office, he will go away while the Insanity Bar restarts from the beginning. The player can only do this 5 times before reaching "Total Insanity." If the player reaches Total Insanity after filling the Insanity Meter up 5 times, RainbowGlass will zoom into the office, and ruin the player's run with a jumpscare, resulting a game over.


  • RainbowGlass is the only humanoid by far to change colors.
  • RainbowGlass is based off the color changing chameleon.
  • RainbowGlass' mechanic was based off One Night At Flumpty's 2 Exposure Meter but was changed a bit so the player can get away with having a full meter 5 times before the player reaches Total Insanity.
    • But RainbowGlass can also jumpscare the player if he fails to look at him when he filled up the Insanity Bar.
  • It is unknown what the Teenager's name was before getting killed and then revived as a flashing Humanoid.
  • RainbowGlass is the fastest moving humanoid out of all the humanoids.
  • RainbowGlass is 99% Humanoid and 1% suit.