Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Rattled (Rattled The Pure-Blood Killer 90s) is a fan made Character in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6.


He is a Human (Humanoid Form) missing his two arm, has wide and creepy eyes


He will appear from a hole in the wall of the player's Office at 4 AM as said in the commentary. He will become more and more visible whenever the player pulls up the monitor, and if both his legs are fully visible and his mouth is wide open, he will soon attack the player. The 100,000 eye in Eye Room can also alert the player to when Rattled, as each eye represents one of his phases, and when there are none left, he attacks. This will be 100,000 times. in Hard Boiled mode, he becomes active at 2AM, there are no other changes in his behavior.


  • He is very similiar to Grunkfuss.
  • His original name was (BrasEvil), but was changed to "Rattled" because Tijjjhopnsoee Jefferson AKA TijjjiRattthe creator, decided that "NightMare Oswald" and "NightMare Jojo"  were enough, so the first name he came up with, was Rattled' new name.