Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Past mickey is a antagonist of A:DI

Past mickey


That of the Original cartoon Mickey Mouse except with glowing white eyes and two blue buttons.


Past mickey is a hallucination in all nights except night 6 and classic night. Past mickey was the second animatronic to be built, first being The Classic. He was built 5 years ago in what used to be known as treasure island. The reason he only appears as a hallucination in all nights with the exclusion of 6 and classic is because he got deactivated and thrown into a blocked safe room along with The Classic . Therefore he was left to rot and over the years presumably rotted away.However,Jake has hallucinations of the Pre-withered Past mickey and which one of them, can cause the player to be jumpscared by MickMick or George The Eyesore. Even though he isnt actually in night 1-9 he is however in person in the secret night, Classic night, which is trigged by playing night 1 and pressing the discovery island sign ten times. The reason he is Pre-withered in Classic night is because it took place 5 years before night 1 begins. Past Mickey will begin in the Meat freezer, then the Roof, then in the Meat freezer again but in a different position then in the office.The player needs to hide under the desk in order to survive otherwise the player will get jumpscared.


HALLUCINATION 2 (cause crash)


Past Mickey on the roof

Mickey in the meat freezer (starting position)

Past mickey in the meat freezer (after being on the roof)

Past mickey in the office (classic night)

Past Mickey jumpscare

Past mickey saying "hey"

Past mickey saying "you know you did it"

Past mickey laughing

Past mickey's jumpscare

Past mickey saying "i see the truth"