Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Realistic Oswald is a fan-made Easter egg and antagonist in Abandoned:Discovery island.


Realistic Oswald is an Oswald The Lucky Rabbit costume with a darker face and textures, and no arms.


Realistic Oswald will replace Oswald on Night 3 if the player stares at him in the extras menu for four seconds. He acts the same as Oswald but he makes loud footstep noises when moving and will fade out of the Office when you shut off a camera. He also can skip the Lounge.


His shade is the same as Oswald's but he is faster and has no ears.


  • He was made because i was bored.
  • He was made in paint.net.
  • He might be a real person.
  • His jumpscare is Oswald's power out jumpscare but brightened with The Face's screech.