Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Rebloodified Photo-Negative Mickey is a 1970s Photo-Negative Mickey costume created by OswaldFan001.


Rebloodified Photo-Negative Mickey appears to be the same as his Abandoned by Disney creepypasta counterpart, he is covered in dust/dirt, with a crooked tail, he also has retractible eyelids.


He behaves just like the original Photo-Negative Mickey, is there anything else?


  • His model is actually a heavily edited version of the Mickey Model from Epic Mickey
  • He is made for OswaldFan001's game, Treasure Island: REBLOODIFIED.
    • Because Rebloodified 1.0 was bad, OswaldFan001 remade the entire game from scratch.
  • It is unknown whenever or not how he's still intact.