Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He is a Mickey Mouse born in the Rebooter's Room from a virus that hacked into Treasure Island.


He is a Mickey Mouse suit with white eyes and ears similar to The Rat from Five Nights At Candy's.


He starts in Rebooter'sRoom before moving to Meat Freezer, CP1, Bathroom and Broadcasting Room Before Appearing in the office. The player needs to shut off a camera otherwise he will kill the player.

Pirate Caverns

In the Pirate Caverns he sits next to Undying's cage. If he escapes a poster of him will be seen in the caverns. Click on the poster to remove it and send him back, failing to do so will result in him jumpscaring you.

Jumpscare (Main)

It shows him with his arms grabbing you, he then goes in a strangling pose but only standing up.

Desk Jumpscare (Also Main)

It shows him taking his head off and launching it at you.

Jumpscare (Pirate Caverns)

It shows him jumping out of his poster and flying at you. His audio effect is a reversed and deeper editon of the jumpscares from FNaF 3.


*Strangely, his pal went missing.

*His poster is him with Bendy's head.

*After The Greenman fell he was remade.