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Red Mist Disembodied is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Red Mist Disembodied appears to be a signifigantly larger and more beat up version of Disembodied. Red Mist Disembodied has a slimy fleshy texture, and an elongated and sharpened beak. Unlike the original Disembodied, Red Mist Disembodied's mouth is lined with rotten human teeth.


Red Mist Disembodied acts exactly as the original Disembodied, sitting idly in Character Prep 1. The longer the player is not looking at Red Mist Disembodied, the greater the chances of him appearing in the Office increases. How the player can tell that Red Mist Disembodied will soon appear in the Office, is by looking in Character Prep 1 and sees him staring directly into the camera. When appearing in the Office, Red Mist Disembodied will emit a deafening distorted quacking sound that angers the other Red Mist Demons, and causes them to move quicker. The player can get rid of him by shutting off a camera.

Red Mist Disembodied will get less and less patient as the night goes on.


Red Mist Disembodied Audio
Red Mist Disembodied's




  • Red Mist Disembodied was the first Red Mist character created back in 2018, but was recently revamped.
  • Red Mist Disembodied is an edited version of Shade Disembodied from Nightmare Before Disney 2020.