"I can tell that your time is almost out..."

-Reflection, upon moving.

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Reflection is a Dark Oswald copy, but missing his head like Acephalous, and having a spike out of his right sleeve, like his Nightmare Counterpart. His left leg is ripped off. Unlike Acephalous, he does not have a head counterpart. Like his Classic counterpart, he has fully intact shorts.


  • "I can tell that your time is almost out..." (Moving Only)
  • "Your welcome here... I guess..."
  • "I fear my own reflection."
  • "Good job..." (Kills only)


Reflection only activates after The Night of Truth. He starts in the Storage Room, like Dark Oswald, he eventually gets up and goes to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, then the office. From there, you must hide under the desk (50/50 Chance) or Turn Off a Camera/Power (100 Chance). Refusing or Delaying to do so will result in a jumpscare.


  • This is my first character to have a physical form.
  • This character wouldn't exsist, but it just came to mind.
  • This is my first character without a head or a Oswald type.
  • His screech is a mixture of Classic Oswalds, Dark Oswalds, Acephalous', and Nightmare Oswalds screech.
  • The screech is louder than the screeches of these characters.



Storage Area - Staff Area - Meat Freezer - The Office

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