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She has the same traits as the movie when she was possessed by the devil, but it is not really real. She is like a kind of hallucination that has its clothes and colors seen in The Exorcist movie.


She will appear in your office behind the desk, she has a playability like that of disembodied but buzzing. As in the movie in the scene of regan's hospital visit and attract other humanoid costumes etc. Provoking that you can not turn off the power or turn off the cameras, to avoid this you must first go to camera 7 (Broadcasting Room) and on your keyboard type the following HELL, when you write this will appear a face on the left door which you will have to light by leaving the office and try to attack you again if you do not write `HELL or you do not light the face of the left door will appear a screamer of it taking it out of the game.

When appears, he speaks one of these quotes:

"keep away from me..."

"Fuck me..."

"you gonna die up there..."

"i'm burning..."

"You will burn with us in this place..."

"You can't hide from the original soul..."

"I'm not real..."



Broadcasting room ➝ Characters prep 1 ➝ Staff area ➝ Storage room ➝ Characters prep 2 ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ bathroom ➝ The office ➝ The roof ➝ Caverns entrance


  • When you shower mcneil is on the roof makes a floating reference as in the movie only that you see the whole body.
  • His cry is like that of the scares that make video games.
  • Several of his dialogues were used in the film and the others were changed for his appearance on abandoned discovery island.
  • She is one of the few hallucinations that can attack or take you out of the game since hallucinations can kill you even if you desember mouse if you can.

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