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<tabber>Info= Rejected Rabbit is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island


Rejected Rabbit was a prototype suit of Oswald and a victim of Jake. Jake decapitated the suit, breaking his head, Purity saw the body of the prototype suit, and grabs a greyscale mickey head and put into his body, removing his ears and putting the prototype Oswald ears, later on that night, the suit was rejected after the incident, he was kept in a box in Storage Room, hidden from public


Rejected Rabbit resembles a Oswald suit, except the suit has a greyscale mickey head with some holes in it.


Rejected Rabbit starts on Storage Room, after Dark Oswald leaves, Rejected Rabbit leaves from his box, and then he goes to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer and then The Office. If the player spots him in the office, shut off a camera to make him away, hiding or shutting off the power won't work on him, failing to do so will result in his jumpscare


  • Rejected Rabbit is small than other suits
  • His head was taken from MickMick from the cancelled FNaTI 4.0
  • On Meat Freezer,he doesn't have a shadow.
  • He's a fusion of a "greyscale" mickey and the prototype suit of Oswald