Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Remade Henry is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is similar to Henry except his missing arm is replaced by a Mickey suit arm and his head is replaced with a Mickey head with human eyes.


If the player clicks on the Normal Mickey head in Character prep 2 on night 3, it will disappear meaning you got it. In pirate caverns on floor 1 in the office, there will be a Mickey suit arm. The player must pick it up then go to Henry. He then ask " What's this for?" if the player completes this and the other task to get the true ending, then night 6 is opened. This night is different as it starts with a phone call from Henry stating that the suit parts made him get remade. He was remade by Purity. However, he said that the suit parts are controlling him turning him evil. A demonic voice then said " I will find you and I will make you like me". The night then starts. The player must hide from Henry or he will kill them. When you beat the night. Jake then yells at Henry to fight it off, Henry then tries, but tries to attack Jake but then was saved by Purity, controlling the suit parts, making him not in control anymore. He then says thank you for saving him. He then ask Jake if he wants to be friends with him and hang out. He then says yes. Then the player gets the friendship ending.


Remade Henry starts off at Pirates caverns entrance. He then goes to Character prep 2, Character prep 1, staff area, meat freezer, then the office.


  • He was remade by Purity to replace his missing parts.
  • The suit connecting with yellow blood on Henry is the reason why he is being controlled.
  • The suit head giving human eyes was made to make Henry see better.