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"Jokes Ahead"
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Retarded Oswald is a joke character from Abandoned: Discovery Island


He looks similar to his original counterpart, but he is bloated and fat. His mouth is also derpy.



He starts from Lounge sitting on the couch, and then enters your office. You need to shut off camera to avoid him. Failing to do so, will cause him to take away your camera, which makes all the suits who can get affected when shutting off the camera get you.


  • His voicelines are similar to It's A Bully from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.
  • He was originally named as Fat Oswald, but changed to Retarded Oswald, since the creator didn't like it.
  • Due to the changes, he was scrapped from A:DI.
  • Why did I make this?
    • And why this character is still a thing?



  • When entering the Office: "Give me something great."
  • When the player failed to defend against him: "I'll take that. It's mine now!"


Fat Oswald Original Design

An original version of Retarded Oswald before he was remade.

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