Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Revenge Arnold Cosby is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island.


He and the other kids sees Ivan Huggin kill Jake. then caused them to become aggressive and turn into more of a nightmare than what they are.


He seems to be resemble his normal look except he has claws. He also has flesh for eyes and sharp, pointed teeth, he also barely has any hair and his clothes are slightly more rotted. He also has a long, sinister tongue.


He appears on a special night called " Revenge night" Where all the kids are active and nobody else. They appear to have nightmarish looks. You play as Ivan in this night. The night only appears after Ivan kills Jake and beating all the nights. The power will be shut off through the entire night. You must use your flashlight to check on the kids and hear growling and other noises they make. For Arnold, he will appear underground. The player must hide if they hear him digging or else he will jumpscare the player and the games over.


He starts under the office.


He and the other kids starts becoming aggressive mostly because they were tricked into thinking Jake killed them before seeing Ivan.

He appears to look more of a monster than what he is now.

It's unknown how or why he was under the office.