Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Revenge Jack and Zack are antagonists in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Similar to the other kids, their forms alter into something more nightmarish when in revenge form. Jack's Mickey Mouse mask appears to have a monstrous look as it has evil eyes and a evil smile with it showing razor sharp teeth. His mask eye also appears to be missing revealing a bloodshot eye. He also has claws. Zack appears to have a more dismantled Donald Duck mask as it reveals both of his eyes being bloodshot and blood coming out of it. He also has cracks on it and the beak of the mask if gone revealing his mouth with blood coming out of it. He also has claws.


The twins both start at Revenge night. Jack will appear in front of the office. You must hide from him or he will kill you. Zack will appear left and right. You must shine your flashlight at him or he will kill you. They can sometimes have non hostile behavior as Jack will stare at your face, blocking the whole screen. Zack will corrupt the players vision if seen for too long. To avoid this, do the same thing.


It's unknown where they start or their movement patterns as they are only shown in the office due to the power being off the entire night.


  • They and the other kids seeing Jake get killed by Ivan and getting tricked is the reason why they have revenge forms.
  • They can also appear together and double jumpscare you similar to their normal forms.
  • Differently, one of the mask is nightmarish and the other is dismantled.