Revenge Jasmine Tarie is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


She appears to have glowing red eyes instead of white still with no pupal's. She has slightly more bloodstains on her dress and markings on her legs and arms. She also have bloody hands and has a wide mouth when screaming, The chains on her are rusty and has blood stains. She is also has slightly pale skin.


She appears in Revenge night. She will appear in front of the desk floating. The player must hide from her or else she will make a loud shriek which will make the player deaf for a moment and will attract the other kids.


It's unknown where she starts at. But she appears in the office.


She is the only revenge kid so far to be non hostile not counting revenge Jack and Zack as they Are sometimes non hostile and the other times hostile.

She and the other kids seeing Jake get killed by Ivan Huggin and being tricked is the reason why she and the others have revenge forms.

It's unknown how she got more markings or bloodstains on her even though she don't have alot of them. It's probably used as a phase during her revenge form similar to the other kids.

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