Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Revenge Night is a fan made night in Abandoned: Discovery Island.

How to activate

The player must be at least killed once by Ivan Huggin. And the player must also beat all nights as well. If that is accomplished, then the night is unlocked on the extras.

How the night is played

The night is different from other nights. It first shows a cutscene of the kids seeing Ivan killing Jake. And they now found out that it was him who killed them. They then get very angry and turn into more nightmarish versions of themselves called " Revenge kids". The power is shut off for the night but despite that, a phone call is heard. Jasmine Tarie then speaks on the phone saying " Hello... wanna play a game of hide and seek? You are the hider and we are the seekers.... we seek for revenge.... now let's play... 1.... 2... 3.... ready or not.... here we come.... for revenge" then the phone call ends. The player plays as Ivan on this night. The player must listen for growls and other noises the kids make. The player must also use their flashlight to check on the kids. Revenge Jack will appear infront of the office. You must hide from him or he will kill you. Revenge Zack will appear either left or right. The player must shine their flashlight at him or he will kill them. Sometimes, they can both have non hostile behaviors. Jack will stare at your face, blocking the whole screen. Zack will corrupt the player's vision if seen for too long. To avoid this, the player must do the same thing. Jasmine will appear infront of the office floating. The player must hide or she will admit a loud shriek which makes the player deaf for a moment and attract the other kids. Arnold Cosby will appear underground. When they hear him digging, they must hide or he will kill them.


After you have beaten the night, it will show Ivan walking out the door as he leaves. It then cuts to Jake's dead body. He was revived by PN Mickey by being given yellow blood. He then gets up and sees all the kids in their normal forms as Jack gives him a Goofy mask to put on. The player then unlocks Revenge Night 2.


Try to listen to the kids more often then using the flashlight. The more louder the noises are, the closer they will be. Use the flashlight if necessary. If you hear digging sounds, then hide. If you see the kids, then hide except for Zack as you must shine a flashlight at him to keep him out.


Jack,Zack,Jasmine and Arnold will all appear on this night but in Revenge form.


  • It's been confirmed that there will be a Revenge Night 2 and it will take place after Revenge Night.
  • At the cutscene, it's believed that the kids wanted Jake to join them for revenge due to him being killed by Ivan, hinting that Jake will have a revenge form and he will be active at Revenge night 2.