Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Revenge Night 2 is a fan made night in Abandoned: Discovery Island.

How to unlock

The player must beat Revenge Night to unlock it. It will also appear in the extras.

How the night is played

It is similar to Revenge Night. But the revenge kids are more aggressive on this night. A new character " Revenge Jake" is active on this night. He will appear on the left and right or the front. If he is on the left or front, then the player must shine their flashlight at him. If he appears in the front, then the player must hide or he will kill them. The night has no phone call unlike the previous night but instead, Purity appears infront of the desk and says " Hello Ivan... I won't hurt you, but there is a reason why you are back. You killed the kids during a game of hide and seek, you tricked them into killing Jake and now you killed him. They are very angry at you and won't stop until you either get killed by them or you apologize. Also I have revived the kids including Jake. Now he wants you dead too. And I won't help you so don't come crying or asking me for help. You must learn from your mistakes and accept the consequence. Survive this night, I want you gone."

She then disappears and the night starts.


After the night is beaten, it shows Ivan trying to walk out the right door, then Revenge Jack comes out and he then takes a step back. Then all the other kids appear. Jake then appears and grabs Ivan lifting him off his feet. He then says " I'm sorry everybody, I know I did things wrong, and I should have never killed any of you children. My mind was not right... I thought it would feel great to kill you kids during your little game. And also for you Jake...I am sorry for making them kill you. I should be the one to die.. not you... so will you all forgive me?" The kids then nodded their heads and Jake let's him go. He then said" We accept your apology, you can stay on this island and we can become great friends or you can leave and let us have our own peace. Ivan then says " Yes I will be your friends, now I must leave this island, It's too creepy. But I will visit this place again someday and visit you guys again. The player is then rewarded with the forgiveness ending.


Use the same strategy as the previous night, except faster. Also Jake will speak while active. So you must hear him instead of using your flashlight.


The night has the same characters as Revenge Night except Revenge Jake appears on this night.


Ivan reveals why he killed the kids.

This is the second and final night for Revenge Night.