Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Robo mickey is a fan made antagonist in abandoned discovery island. and he also is a part of the "Performer suits" lineup


Robo mickey unlike the other suits and toons Robo mickey is a animatronic.

he has a red office tie with forest green stripes and and he also has a red hat with a jade green star. he has green pants with red buttons and he has green cheeks. he also has cobalt pupils and green shoes he also has a burgundy country guitar


Robo mickey starts in the Special Suits only room where he can be seen behind a red and green curtain then he will go to the green cove where he is seen lifting up a crate then he will go to the entrance where he is seen behind the register then he will move to the lounge where he is seen counting the ducks on the wall then he strolls into the office where he is seen picking up the monitor and you must shut off a cam to get rid off him. the reason off the camera is not that he gets scared of it or tries to find the sound. the shutting off sound causes a low frequency to emit in his head causing him to restart and go back.


normal: neglecting to shut off a cam will make him grab the player by the neck while you can also hear muffled screaming by Jake

desk: despite its "Questionable" it at least counts as a jumpscare. he will lift up the desk and throw it at the player


  • "this is not the "happy fun time" Jake it will never be anything happy"
  • "let me show you how to MUTILATE YOUR FACE and look like the face"
  • "I'm not going to stuff you into a suit you deserve FAR WORSE Jake"
  • "I can smell your fear you know?"
  • "I'm not going to kill you I'm just going to bash your brains out!"
  • "to be a true performer you have to never give up"


  1. Robo mickey is the one of the 2 animatronics on discovery island the other being Blackout Mouse
  2. his hard drive is actually rather faulty which intern can cause him to have multiple glitches while he moves but they do fix themselves
  3. he has now 5g%$lice%&d%^*& 0%u#%^T t!#e t* D!&
  4. he has a rare screen while in the office you can see him erroring like mad!


Robo mickey can rarely say "I once was a human" meaning at one point robot mickey was once a normally robot possessed by a soul of a human who died due to unknown reasons