Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Robot noob is basically similar on ROBLOX itself. His shade is based of his same appearance, but he has blood in his hands, and no Red eyes.


Robot noob  will start in Character Prep 1 with Photo Negative Mickey, and Disembodied. And then Roblox Noob will go to Staff Area, looking at the player in the camera. And then he will go to the Meat Freezer, and he might go to the Lounge rarely, meaning sometimes and not all the time, and then he will come to the office. You can avoid him by either shutting off a camera, or hiding under the desk. Failing to do so, will cause him to jumpscare the player to death.


  • robot noob can be seen waving in his promo
  • There's a rare chance that Noob can be seen in the Bathroom as well.
  • This is a 1TH character that vifo made since he hasn't made a character in a long time.