Rohn's Team Hacker is an persumely an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.6


Rohn's Team Hacker acts similar to Lolbit from FNAF, he will usually be active around Night 2, 3 and 5. To get rid of his broadcast, the player must type "Old Time Night 0AM - 8AM" on the keyboard or click on him 5 times to get rid of him. His broadcast usually lasts about 10 seconds before dissapearing. Did I mention his broadcast would cover up the entire screen? But anyways, on Nights 1, and 4, he will remain unactive for those nights.


  • Rohn's Team Hacker was created when Richardy was messing around with something.
  • Rohn's Team Hacker does not have his own form....Yet... On  XSAN Mod , Rohn's Tean Hack  appears more often then King GreenGlass , making him the fastest character on that night.
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