Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Rose Mouse is a fan made agtonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


She looks like Abandoned Photo-Negative Minnie and Bleeding Mouse, but she has a human eye, and is more dusty then she was. Her color is Violet, or popsicle grape.


She becomes active on Night 5, but she can also become active on Night 4 sometimes. She will start in the Storage Room, laying down. She will then stand up when she's active, then she will go to Character Prep 1, after that she will go to the Meat Freezer, Then she goes to the Lounge, Then she will be in the office, standing in front of the Desk. The player must shut off a camera or hide under the desk, which the second option has a 50/50 chance of working. Not doing so will make her kill the player, causing a game over.


Storage Room

Character Prep 1

Meat Freezer




She looks like Bleeding mouse, but purple.

She looks Dusty.

She has no shade, so you can turn off the power

She was going to have a shade, too.

She can also Replace bleeding mouse, too, although this is rare

She is involved with the Corrupti Incident, along with Mateo the Rabbit.

She was made by Jakelovesmickey.