Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Rotten Mickmick is a fan-made antagonist for Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Rotten Mickmick is just like Mickmick from FNaTI 3.0, but he is missing an eye and parts of his body are melted like a toon, he also have a mouth really similar to The Face and a part of his left shoe is missing.


Rotten Mickmick was a failed attempt from GOD to make a Mickmick suit, after she saw the errors that Rotten Mickmick had, he was put in the Storage Room to be forgotten.


Rotten Mickmick will make his way towards your Office through the Meat Freezer, if you see his face in the right door, turn off the camera to make him go away.


In his original model, he had holes in his entire body, this way later on he got scrapped because to the design not being that good.

Rotten Mickmick has the same voice-lines as normal Mickmick, but they are completely distorted due to him not having a tongue.

He can be in 2 cameras at once, those being the Storage Room and the Staff Area.

There was going to be a "Wire" connecting his eye to the body, similar to Lost Face in TLO:R, this was later scrapped.