Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Rotten Oswald is a mysterious rabbit being known to roam around the island at night


Rotten Oswald appears to be the same as the Oswald from The End of Disney version 1, as he is very dusty, with spikes for arms and legs, and he has spikes around his eyes and mouth. The only difference is that instead of the spikes being bloody, the spikes are all rusty, he has one glowing eye, he has crooked ears, his body is now taking a yellowish tone to his colors, and he now has cracks all over his body.


It is said to roam around at night walking twoards a room that has a person inside, while moving he frequently speaks in a voice with a echo.

"She... is gone..."

"It's your fault..."

"I'm not dead..."

"You cannot be blessed..."

"Your sins... are unforgiving..."


  • He's a mega christian like Ned Flanders (this was a joke created by OswaldFan001)
  • He stands 5'1"
  • The yellowish tone is actually pollen