Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Rotten Past Mickey Is A Unofficial Antagonist In ADI 2.0


He Look Identical To Past Mickey Except His Eye Are A Human Skeleton, His Right Arm Appear To Be Human Skeleton Arm, His Left Arm Appear Be Melted, His Both Ears Are Broken, His Both Leg Are A Human Skeleton Leg, His Texture Appear To Be Dusty And His Body Is Half Broken, Revealing A Human Body Skeleton.


He Will Active On Night 1, He Will Start At Storage Room, In The Behind Of The Box, Then He Will Move To Staff Area, Holding The Crowbar With His Left Arm, Then He Will Move To Meat Freezer, Looking The Goofy Head, Then He Will Move To Lounge, Appear To Be Sitting, Then He Will Move To Your Office On Middle, Shut Off Camera Won't Work On Him, You Must Hide for 5 Seconds, Failling Or Neglecting You Will Killed.


  • Storage Room
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Lounge(Sometimes)
  • Office


  • He Was Abandoned For 10 Years, Making Him Dusty.
  • The Reason Why He Has The Skeleton Is Due A Guy Who Kill One Of The Staff Workers And Hide The Corpse To A Mickey Suit And The Corpse Turn Into The Skull.
  • Strangely Enough If You Shut Off Power When Theres Someone On The Office, His Render Is Still Here But He Won't Attack You Until Power Back On, This Was Fixed On 0.90 Update.
  • He Never Speak At All.